Blockboards & Flush Doors

Archer bolck boards is premium quality board made form superior quality wood. This product is availble in commercial and waterproof types. Archer bolck board is tight packet and wrap freewith high mechanical strenth and dimensional stability. It is available in BWP and MR grades that are preferred for interior and exterior applications.

  • Conforms to IS:1659 specifications
  • Enduring choice of customers for long lasting beauty and strength
  • Seasoned wooden batons, shaped form solid wood, and veneer of sorted of timber, seasoned under appropriate temperature (In accordance with IS:1141-1978)
  • Bonded with superior grade condensed phenol formaldehyde resin possessing high tenacity and unequalled adhesive for enduring bond
  • Dipped in preservative chemicals at 60 to 70 degree centigrade after glue bonding making it termite and borer resistant
  • Ideal for all climatic conditions
  • Best suited for load bearing horizontal panel applications
  • Highly suitable for Indian housing and construction needs
  • Temperature control parameters and drying technology is maintained at this unit
End uses:

Furniture, wardrobes, partitions, paneling, pre-fabricated houses, railway carriages, bus bodies, kitchen cabinets, ideal for making smaller panel doors, windows and covers for various objects

Technical specifications
Grade MR & BWP
Moisture content 8-10%
Adhesion of piles Excellent
Modulus of rupture (Average) N/mm2 50
Modulus of elasticity (Average) N/mm2 5500
Water absorption 5%
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