Marine Plywood

Divya’s Marine Ply withstands the extreme weather conditions such as changes in temperature, humidity and alternate drying / wetting. This plywood is manufactiured with utmost care using the modern technologies.

  • Conforms to IS 710:1976 specification
  • Made from selected hardwood veneers
  • Bonded with WBP grade of Phenol Formaldehyde resin, WBP as Water Bail Proof
  • Treated in a vacuum pressure impregnation plant using specific quality of preservative making it resistant to marine organisms
  • Bonded with a very high pressure and temperature ensuring dimensional stability
  • Ideal for long lasting services in very humid and coastal areas

WBP is a glue standard that was developed in Great Britain and is set down in British Standards Institution standard 1203:1963, "specification for synthetic resin adhesives (phenolic and amino plastic) for plywood". This standard identifies for categories of plywood glue on the basis of durability. WBP is the most durable classification. In descending order of durability, the other glue classes are Boil Resistant (BR), Moisture Resistant (MR), and Interior (INT). According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, properly formulated WBP plywood is the only plywood recommended for exterior use without reservation.

WBP plywood made with ordinary melamine rather than phenolic resin can maintain lamination in boiling water for between 4 and 8 hours. WBP plywood using ordinary phenolic resin glue can handle boiling water for 1-3 days. It also depends on the grade of plywood used.

End uses:

Divya’s Marine Ply is well suited in sea-going and land vessels, railway coaches lining for refrigerated ships, roof top applications, partition, paneling, loft flooring, bathroom and kitchen cabinets and all kinds of high quality interiors and furniture jobs. Trust the all-weather proof Premier Marine Ply in all the exposed applications.

Technical specifications
Moisture content 5 to 15 % 7.2%
Glue shear strength in dry condition a) individual min. 1078.7N
b) Average Min. 13523.9N
Glue shear strength a) individual min. 784.5N
b) Average Min. 980.7N
Glue shear strength in mycological test a) individual min. 800N
b) Average Min. 1000N
Tensile strength
a) parallel to grain direction
b) right angle to grain direction
c) sum of both direction

Min 420 kgf/cm2
Min 250 kgf/cm2
Min 845 kgf/cm2

645 kgf/cm2
395 kgf/cm2
1040 kgf/cm2
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